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Local Web Hosting Solutions in Red Deer

Receive faster loading website pages, business growth tools, and critical security features to preserve user privacy and build trust. Reliable, high-performance VPS Hosting!

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What is Website Hosting?

For your website to be visible online you need a web hosting service that provides the technology and connectivity required to publish your website. By signing up for a web hosting package, you are leasing space on a physical server for the storage of all the files and information that comprise your website. Our web hosting is available when purchasing one of our care plans.

Our packages

Affordable Web Hosting Solutions

Select from our cost-effective web maintenance packages designed to keep your website secure and operational.



A set it and forget it approach if you don’t anticipate making lots of content changes.

  • VPS Hosting
  • Premium Software
  • Updates to WordPress, Core , Themes, & Plugins
  • Up-Time Monitoring
  • Website Backups on seperate server.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free SSL Certificate



Our most popular plan.

  • Includes everything in the Start-Up plan plus:
  • Up-Time Monitoring
  • Checking & Fixing Broken links
  • 2x monthly software updates
  • 2 30 minute monthly tasks



You don’t have to be big to have an eCommerce site.

  • Includes everything in the Specialized plan plus:
  • Regular content updates, product listings, descriptions, images, and promotional Assets
  • Payment Gateway Maintenance

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Powerful, Secure & Reliable Web Hosting

Discover seamless web hosting solutions tailored specifically for businesses. Get peace of mind for your online presence. Join the countless businesses already benefiting from our reliable hosting services in the heart of Red Deer.

  • Automatic Backups
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Increased security
  • Next Generation Speed with NVMe SSD VPS Hosting
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • 99.9% Up-Time Guarantee
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Discover the Difference with Our VPS Hosting –

Our VPS hosting offers the scalability and dependability required to support your business website or web application for companies wishing to extend their online presence. We ensure that your website is safe and accessible with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and security features like DDoS protection.

Get Precision Maintenance & Peace of Mind

Website Hosting Wars: Shared vs. VPS Your Decision Guide


VPS Hosting

  • Security Risks: Shared servers have less security measures than VPS servers. Multiple websites are hosted on the same server. A virus or attack on one website can affect the others.
  • Restricted Resources & Unreliable Performance: Your website shares resources with other websites including memory, storage & processing power. If other websites uses excessive amounts or these resources it can result in poor performance on yours. Because other websites on the shared server use its resources in unpredictable ways, your website’s performance may fluctuate.
  • Limited Control & Customization: Limited to pre-approved tools & settings provided by the hosting provider.
  • Difficulty Troubleshooting: it can be challenging to identify to identify issues as a shared environment makes it hard to isolate problems.
  • Robust Security: VPS servers provide more reliability, & security versus the more common shared web hosts. Your part of the server is isolated from other users, reducing the risk of viruses, attacks etc.
  • Reliable Performance: When you use VPS hosting, your website will always work at it’s best thanks to dedicated resources, even amid spikes in traffic or added features. As a result, your clients can always quickly and easily visit your website.
  • More Customization: no limit to tools, plugins, applications, & settings. This enables you to consistently enhance your customers user experience.
  • VPS servers provide more reliability, and security versus the more common shared web hosts

Get Stability, & Greater Performance with VPS


Find the answers to everything you always wanted to know about protecting your investment with a monthly support plan in our web design FAQ‘s. Ask us anything!

A VPS is a physical server divided into virtual servers. Each separate server runs independently of the others and has its own set of resources. In comparison to shared hosting, this gives users more control, security, and scalability.

Better security than shared hosting, more scalability to handle increasing traffic, dedicated resources, improved performance, and the ability to modify server configurations are just a few benefits of VPS hosting.

With shared hosting, a single server’s resources are shared by several websites, which lowers prices but compromises security and performance. Dedicated hosting costs more but gives consumers access to a whole physical server that is used exclusively for their website. This allows for optimum control and performance. Between these two choices, VPS hosting provides more control and dedicated resources than shared hosting without requiring the costly setup of a dedicated server.