What Your Customers Look for When Purchasing Products Online

Customers have certain expectations when choosing the right product.

A shopping trip to the store might not be as convenient as shopping online. Consumers may still feel insecure when selecting products online.

In order to increase sales and decrease consumer insecurities we outline 5 points to…..

Price Point – Does the Price Affect the Purchasing Decision?

Every customer wants the best possible price for a quality product.  It is easy for the consumer to compare prices online.

Since consumers cannot physically inspect your product, especially if they have never bought from you before, they may have skepticism about your product. For instance, if the price is low, does that mean it is of low quality? How do customers select products based on their price?

Online price comparison tools are the key.

The Best Price Comparison Sites In Canada

1) ShopBot.ca.

2) PriceGrabber.ca.

3) ShopToIt.ca.

4) PriceBat.ca.
5) Bizrate.ca.

6) PriceFinder.ca.

The price of one product can be compared across multiple online stores.


The fact that shipping is free is as important as its reliability. A free shipping policy has the potential to encourage customers to spend more.

Customer patience is rewarded by the free shipping.

Payment Method
While purchasing online, some customers may be hesitant to provide credit or debit card information.

Follow these 5 tips to make your customer feel safe when making online purchases.

    1. Make sure your website uses SSL. While many consumers don’t understand the technical aspects behind S
    1. Use testimonials
    1. >Display any certifications, awards etc
    1. Include photos of you and your staff. Seeing the people behind the product can be reassuring for the consumer.
    1. Provide multiple payment options. Your company’s trust will increase if you offer your customers options such as pay on delivery or paypal in addition to credit cards.

Customer reviews
Customers are more likely to purchase from your business since video testimonials and positive reviews establish credibility since they are based on real experiences.

So, how can you increase and improve your customer reviews?

Ask your customer for a review. If they agree, send them an email with a link to you Google Business Listing or have them send you an email with the review in it. Be sure to post the review on your website.

Make sure to thank your customer for leaving a positive review whether it is on Facebook, Google Business Listing etc. You will also want to mitigate negative reviews by commenting on those as well. If the customer was right, thank them and let them know that their feedback will help them improve your business. If the customer was misinformed, help educate them, putting them on the right track.

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